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One of First Company to Set Up a Cable Manufacturing Plant in India. Since its inception L.C. Premium Cables has continually updated its machinery and technology to be most advanced manufacturing set-up all across India. All Wires & Cables are manufactured on most modern laser controlled automatic machines, using best raw material procured only from best manufacturers from around the world ensuring perfect quality. It is a fact that the quality of most other brand wire and cable especially in india has deteriorated beyond control, but L.C. Premium Cables is still manufacturing extra heavy british standard wires and cables. L.C.Premium cables might be expensive but definitely far superior and better quality product than most other leading brands.

We Manufacture

L.S.Z.H (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) F.R.L.S (Fire Retard Low Smoke) Wires and Cables, XLPE Armoured Cables, Multi core Round Cable, Coaxial cables, Submersible Cables, Telephone Cables, Screened, & Shielded Cables, PCM Cables, CAT 5, CAT 6, Rubber Winding Cable.

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